“Great to learn about the history of Kilmarnock and make new connections.”

As good practice and as a recipient of funding from the BFI Britain on Film programme, we’ve been evaluating the experience of participants in the workshops and events. We had 18 people complete the BFI survey so it isn’t a big sample but it was a largely positive response with all but one rating their experience as either Good or Very Good.

As was the case in the Britain on Film programme-wide evaluation across the UK, the respondents were largely white and employed or retired though in contrast to the UK project, Sensing Place respondents were mainly male.

Interestingly nearly two thirds of Sensing Place respondents had watched archive film in a communal setting previously. It was the first time that a quarter of respondents had visited the venue.

Comments on the experience were also positive with a number praising the relaxed and informal settings of events – something we as a team of producers, researcher and artists were keen to ensure. One comment that more promotion would have been appreciated (for Sensing Kilmarnock) also reflects one of our key learning points from the project. Here’s a selection of comments received:

“Welcoming. Interested in our town hall pop up museum.”

“Was really interesting. Would just liked to have seen more advertising of event.”

“Relaxing, well produced”

“Food for thought”

“Pleasantly informal”

Finally, all but one respondent advised they were either Likely or Very likely to attend a screening or event like this again.