After the initial briefing meeting, we asked our three Sensing Place artists if they would send us a short contribution to the project blog of their first impressions of the project, what it holds, and the prospect of working together…

From Jean

Meeting in the Hidden Gardens, Tramway
and there were blueskies, trees and coffee – yes really.
The three of us moving our chairs round following the sun.
Talking, swopping stories and moments of film, laughing, finding agreement and planning what comes next.
The time passed quickly and I was sad to leave, but glad to have the feeling that we could work together,
collaborate over the next few weeks ‘Sensing Place’.

From Anne-Marie

In connection with our work on this project there are so many unknowns and variables, feeling them strongly at this early stage. What emerges today is an awareness we three artists have all been thinking and concluding similarly about the material and content, which is great and productive and drives today, in our early stage team.

From Lydia

IMG_4104 lo res

We three spent the day sitting in the garden at Tramway: conversing, exchanging ideas, thoughts and inspirations, and through this, getting to know each other a little better. We’ve tentatively formulated the initial three workshops, being careful not to limit the parameters of what this project might be, and integrally building our approach around the collaboration with, and participation of, the groups we will work alongside. I am really enjoying working in close dialogue with my artist colleagues, we each bring different approaches, perspectives and life experiences, and it feels exciting for all this to be in the mix as we go forward.