A common concern among all partners is the process for commissioning the artists working on the project. Early on in the process we decided to work with three artists across the disciplines of film and storytelling. We believe the concept of “three’s a crowd” is actually a positive approach in the project: a ratio of one artist to one area to ensure enough time is available to groups but not tying one artist to one area. In order to explore the opportunities of interdisciplinary working, all three artists will be working across all three areas. This is not intended to be prescriptive – one or two artists may find an affinity with a geographical area or a group.

The final Artist Brief developed out of suggestions from all partners and resulted in the following role outline:

  • Work as part of an interdisciplinary cohort of artists to combine cinematic and oral storytelling.
  • Research local storytelling material and traditions and local film archive material with participants. An initial collection of local archive material is being prepared.
  • Explore new ways of working with community participants, and devise activity to explore the themes of the project, and a programme of creative activities with participants.
  • Ensure that the resulting work is of sufficient quality for presentation in public promoted events.
  • Devise and deliver a process of documenting the project and maintain a project log.
  • Present the work locally, participate in associated talks and debates and work as part of the team producing a documentary film of the project process.

The brief was circulated via our own networks, those of our partners (including the extensive CABN and Scottish Storytelling Forum networks), and via the Creative Scotland Opportunities Online Noticeboard.

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