Sensing Place has been invited to participate in the Nordic Summer University at their Winter ‘study circle’ symposium in Riga, Latvia in March. NSU describes itself:

Since 1950 the Nordic Summer University (NSU) has been an independent, academic institution, which organises symposia that draws international participants across disciplines in the Nordic and Baltic regions. NSU fundamentally operates as a generator of ideas. It seeks to develop scholarly and innovative initiatives by building international networks and communities engaged in cross-disciplinary research enquiries and critical thinking. The NSU gives priority to topical subjects of study that are often on the margins of disciplinary boundaries not already established at the universities.

NSU thematic study circles take place in Summer and Winter attracting a range of presentations and delegates at each symposium. We will be participating in the symposium entitled:

Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research How does artistic research transform society?

This is a perfect opportunity to present the project and develop the action research programme with like-minded academics and practitioners. On a personal level, I’m also looking forward to presenting for the first time in an international academic research setting.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I was struck down by a chest infection which meant I couldn’t make the symposium. My Latvia guidebook was the nearest I got to it – gutted! Andrew has a number of presentations planned this year so we’re hoping we’ll still be able to reach out to potential European partners and similar projects.